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Handcrafted With Love

Tinge is India's first handmade cosmetic brand. Each Tinge product is handcrafted by seasoned make-up artists, who understand and honour the style, spirit, & sensibility of each individual consumer and what they need. The make up that you buy is not mass produced, but is carefully created by someone who understands what you need. The base wax, colours, aromas, glitter are chosen as per your order and you even get to name your own lipstick.

Return For Refills

Need a refill?

Return containers to get 15% off your next purchase.* *If your product package has ‘RETURN FOR REFILLS’ written on it, return the empty container to get 15% off your purchase of the same item. Please note, shipping costs need to be borne by you. But hey - that’s a small price to pay for sustainability! We will wash, sanitize, refill, and return your repeat purchase.


Created with care

100% Natural

Vegan ingredients only


Safe for your skin


No testing on furry friends

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