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Spotlight on Aroma's used while customising lipsticks

Let’s start by answering, do you like your cosmetics with aroma or you like to use them naked without any fragrance? 

Fragrances are natural or synthetic essential oils or aroma compounds used in a wide variety of products to impart a pleasant odor, to mask the inherent smell of some ingredients, and to enhance the experience of using the product. 

With a revolution where everyone is shifting to clean beauty and becoming more and more conscious of the choices they make, using natural fragrances is another key step. 

Fragrances that are made with chemicals is the main cause of skin inflammation. Most of the brands that use fragrances combine synthetic chemicals which are against regulatory rules of FDA. 

Since Tinge is an eco-conscious, natural, and cruelty-free brand, aroma’s used in our cosmetics are free of harsh chemicals and made with natural ingredients. Our aroma’s come in seductive yet yummy flavours like mandarin berry, vanilla, pineapple-guava, and many more. 

While creating your custom lipstick, there comes a step to add aroma to your lipstick. We find this extremely integral to a lipstick wearing experience. To use something that smells great and is natural is as exciting as getting your lipstick shade right. Our aroma’s are made of natural essential oils that soothes as well as moisturises your lips. 

Different flavour of aroma’s are - 

Guava - Pineapple : Imagine freshly cut guava and pineapple. Feeling tempted? Or not? An unlikely combination but totally worth a try. 

Coconut - If a Pina Colada is on your mind, this will work perfectly for you.This aroma adds a subtle hint of delicious and fresh coconut to your lipstick.

Mandarin Berry - All the citrusy freshness and sweetness of Mandarin berries are rolled into this one.

Pineapple Lilies - This tropical paradise themed aroma has dollops of fruity freshness, just like the fragrant pineapple lilies.

Mint - Our Mint aroma is the freshest of them all, adding a bit of tingle to plump up that pout!

Strawberry - Who can resist a yummy red strawberry. A classic flavour with delicious sweetness that is always in demand.

Vanilla - Nothing says happiness like the good old, traditional bean, that we all love. Get your lips some Vanilla love.

* Please Note - All these aroma’s are chemical free and suitable for all lip types. 

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